The Ukrainians in Iași initiative aims to help Ukrainian citizens in Iași feel welcomed and find a place in our city. Our objectives are medium and long term, with a focus on assisting our Ukrainian friends find employment and establish a life here for the time they will have to stay.

While the initiative and the actual work of building and running this platform is heavily supported by volunteers, including Ukrainians, donations are still very helpful for further developments of the platform and a number of related causes.

We aim not only to create a jobs site, but to actively help and work with both Ukrainians and companies to make the process as smooth as possible for both sides. All the jobs listed here are confirmed and validated by phone with the company representatives. We will also have a phone number where Ukrainians can call and be helped, in their language, to navigate the local labour market.

We are also in contact with other initiatives from Iași that are focused on more immediate humanitarian actions and who need money to augment their volunteer effort and acquire supplies, transportation and other much needed services. For example, our friends at Twinkle Star are working to setup Ukrainian language kindergarten classes and need experienced Ukrainian speaking educators. This is one example, but similar situations will certainly develop and we will want to support them.

Your help is warmly received and will have an immediate impact in the lives of Ukrainians who had to leave their homes in such tragic conditions and now find themselves in our city.