Housing in Iași and how to find it

Iași is a big city with some of the most popular universities in Romania, so it is a bit crowded, especially during the school year. Therefore, finding proper, affordable accommodation might be difficult, especially for those who are not Romanian speaking.

In this article, we will help you to better understand the local rental market, what tools Romanians use to find a good apartment, and some tips and tricks to avoid being fooled by realtors or owners. 

Agency or not?

The advantage of contacting an agency to help you find accommodation is that you have more security regarding the owner of the property. Before moving in, you sign a rental contract where all the conditions must be specified (renting period, amount, due dates, obligations). Moreover, the realtor might also help you easily navigate the local market and sometimes can help with translations in case the owner is not speaking your language (you must specify this from the very beginning). 

When working with an agency, you must know that their fee is usually one month of the rent you will pay, so this will affect your budget. Also, make sure that you work only with real, registered agencies to avoid any scams. Some of the most popular agencies in Iași are Casa Prima, Fidelia Casa, Evo Imobiliare, Sigma Imobiliare, Remax, Casa Alba and Interimobiliare

Average prices

The price of the accommodation is of course influenced primarily by the neighbourhood and size of the apartment.

For example, the city center and Copou are two of the most expensive areas where a two-room apartment usually exceeds 400€.

You can start searching for rent in neighborhoods like Canta, Păcurari, Alexandru cel Bun, Mircea cel Bătrân, Galata, Nicolina, Frumoasa, CUG or Tătărași, where: 

  • a studio starts at 200€ 
  • a one-room apartment is around 200 – 250€
  • a two-room apartment (bedroom + living room) is around 300 – 350€
  • a three-room apartment (2 bedrooms + living room) is more expensive, exceeding 400€
  • even if it’s not very common, you can also find four-room apartments which usually are around 500 – 600€ 

Where to look for accommodation in Iași

If you decide to work with an agency, they will take care of searching for places based on your needs and provide you with specific photos and links. Otherwise, if you are looking for an apartment by yourself, here are some important resources that you might consider using. Keep in mind that if you won’t work with an agent, you should consider asking for a contract so you don’t have bad experiences. 


  • Storia 
  • OLX (with a special section dedicated to Ukrainians)
  • Milluu 
  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook groups

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