Kindergartens in Iași

Thanks to the efforts of the non-governmental organisations, several special educational projects for preschool children from Ukraine have been created and are operating in Iasi. On this page you will find their contacts and brief information about them. 

You can also choose a Romanian kindergarten. Below are the necessary steps and conditions to enrol your child.

Kindergarten of Multi-service centre for children (with UNICEF)

Available groups: 3 age groups for children 3 – 6 years old

Additional information:

Activities for the youngest group:

– Speech development

– Development of fine motor skills

– Development of creative thinking

– Physical development

– Walks

For the middle and senior kindergarten group, available also:

– English language 

– Romanian language 

– Preparation for school

Schedule:  from 9.00 to 15.00. The on-duty teacher is present until 16.00.

At 11.30 – lunch

At 14.00 – afternoon tea & pastry

How to enrol: enrolment is done by the administrator


Address: Chisinaului 132 b


Educational program "Children's room" (by World Vision and FONSS) at CTR Nicolina

Available groups: 

1) for children of 2-4 years old 

2) for children of 5-7 years old

Schedule: 8 hours per day: 9.00-17.00, from Monday to Friday

Additional information: 

  • Lunch is included
  • Cognitive and emotional development program 
  • Romanian and English language classes
  • Didactic activities according to age
  • Education for independent living
  • Exercises to stimulate creativity, motor skills, aesthetic and artistic senses

How to enrol: 

  1. Temporary Protection is required
  2. Other necessary documents: child’s birth certificate; identity documents of parents/legal representative; parents’ marriage/divorce certificate; disability classification certificate (if applicable)
  3. Parents have to be employed or looking for a job


+40 724 700 087 (reception of the CTR Nicolina)

Șos. Nicolina 141, Iași 700714



Facebook page: 

Educational program by Save the Children

Available groups:  for children 3 – 5 years old

Additional information: specific early education activities are carried out (no kindergarten is established), with the support of two educational facilitators (Romanian and Ukrainian to support the integration and learning of the Romanian language). As the program is short, the children also receive a snack (not a hot meal). Children’s families can come to the attention of the social services offered by Save the Children and thus benefit from all the support provided by the program: psychological counseling, legal counseling, social assistance, financial support, facilitating access to medical services.

Schedule: 09.00-13.00

How to enrol: registration depends on the number of available places and is done by request at the Information and Counseling Center – Ukraine Support Program: Str.Vasile Pogor Nr.6, ground floor

Contacts: activities are carried out at Str. Iancu Bacalu Nr.3, floor 1. 

Phone: 0755 208 788


Romanian kindergartens: how to enrol

Enrollment of Ukrainian refugee children in Romanian kindergarten is done at the level of the County School Inspectorate (Inspectoratul Școlar din Iași, ). The commission accepts and analyses the enrollment requests and helps you to choose the kindergarten.

The decision is sent to the chosen educational unit and also to the parents/legal representative. Afterwards, the parents will have to contact the kindergarten to which the child was assigned.

The procedure of the enrollment through the School inspectorate is identical to the school enrollment, described in our article “School enrollment in Iași“.

You can receive advice on completing and submitting applications, support in tracking the status of the application and, depending on the needs, support to facilitate communication at the educational institution from the employees of the CNRR – Romanian National Council for Refugees.

CNRR headquarters in Iasi:

str. Morilor no. 11

phone (0040) 736 831 323 (Russian language)

If you need support in school enrolment or feel that you can improve this piece of information, please contact us.

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