Medical Services

Emergency legal packages have given Ukrainians in Romania the same public health care access as Romanian citizens, including emergency care and hospital visits. All you need as an Ukrainian citizen to access this is to present yourself to any public hospital or clinic with your Ukrainian ID.

Further below we list a number of more specialized health care benefits offered to Ukrainians. The list is centered around Iași, but some of the services below are national in scope.

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Family Doctors in Iași

Everyone in Romania is registered with a family doctor. The family doctor is the first point of contact for any non-emergency and non-specialized health care needs.

A number of Family Doctors from Iași have volunteered and expressed their wish to provide free medical services to Ukrainian refugees even before the full effects on the emergency legal packages mentioned above settle in.

You can see the family doctors who are offering these services on the official website of Colegiul Medicilor Iași.


Medicover Romania supports Ukrainian refugee mothers with free pediatric consultations and pregnancy monitoring. These services can be accessed on the basis of a Ukrainian passport, identity card, or birth certificate.


Telios Care offers access to free telemedicine consults to all Ukrainian refugees in Romania. You will receive remote medical care from Ukrainian-speaking specialists.


MedLife offers first aid services to all refugees coming from Ukraine, regardless of nationality and age. These services can be accessed on the basis of passport, identity card or birth certificate for Ukrainian citizens or Ukrainian work visa/certificate of employment or residence for persons of other nationalities.


Consultmed is a private clinic that offers free medical services to Ukrainian refugees in Iași who suffer from diabetes and other conditions associated with this illness.


Synevo offers free medical investigations and COVID-19 PCR testing for Ukrainian refugees. These services can be accessed on the basis of a Ukrainian ID or passport.

Ukraine Child Cancer Help

Ukraine Child Cancer Help is a platform built to help Ukrainian parents with children in need of cancer treatment, consultation or medication find the best suited hospital or clinic for them.


Fun-Psi offers access to a psychiatrist for children, adults and adolescents who provides a free psychiatric counseling service for refugees who are coming from Ukraine.

Asociația Magic

Asociația Magic is giving a helping hand to Ukrainian families who have children with oncological diagnoses by offering free accommodation (warm and clean bed, food, personal hygiene products).