Health care system

Emergency legal packages have given Ukrainians in Romania the same public health care access as Romanian citizens. All you need as an Ukrainian citizen to access the emergency package is to present yourself to any public hospital or clinic with your Ukrainian ID.

The emergency service phone number in Romania is 112.

For non-emergency health services it is advisable to work with a family medicine doctor. The family doctor is the first point of contact for any non-emergency and non-specialized health care needs.

Consultations are usually free of charge, but some services have a fee decided upon by the National Health Insurance House. The family doctor will also refer you to a specialist doctor for further examinations, by means of a reference letter.

The reference letter (bilet de trimitere) is a document issued by the family doctor which will help you to receive free or discounted medical services from public and some private medical clinics.

Children under 18 are attended for free by the family doctor, and referred to a pediatrician if needed through a reference letter.

The Romanian social health insurance system provides universal health insurance coverage for minors and people who are employed.

Read more about your rights in the social health insurance system. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Register for a family doctor

In order to register for a family doctor in Iași, it is necessary to have the Temporary protection permit.

You need to go in person to The Local Health Insurance Agency in Iași (Casa Județeană de Asigurări de Sănătate) and register there. 

Make sure to check the address and timetable before. If you do not speak Romanian, consider taking a Romanian speaking person with you or call us in order to help with translation. 

After registration at the Local Health Insurance Agency is complete, choose an available family doctor.

You need to go in person to the chosen family doctor with the Temporary protection permit and an identification document (international passport or translated Ukrainian passport).

A number of family doctors from Iași have volunteered and expressed their wish to provide free medical services to Ukrainian refugees.

You can see the family doctors who are offering these services on the official website of Colegiul Medicilor Iași.

If you cannot find a proper family doctor in the list above, consider contacting one of the local NGOs who can help:

CTR Nicolina Refugee Center will help you to get registered with one of the 3 available family doctors they work with. CTR Nicolina works with Russian/Ukrainian speaking volunteers so you can visit them without a translator.

Don’t forget to have with you the Temporary protection permit and your passport.

CTR Nicolina can also help you to get an appointment with a specialist doctor, depending on your need and can partially compensate the cost of your consultations.

Medical Center of the Red Cross in Iași offers registration and free consultations of a family doctor, paediatrician and psychologist (for kids and adults), as well as some other free medical services. Services available in Russian/Ukrainian language. To fix an appointment, please use the below contact details. For more information, please see the dedicated Telegram group.

Schedule: Monday to Friday,  9.00 – 17.00 (paediatrician 9.00 до 15.00)

Contact number: +40 723 359 817

AddressBulevardul Chimiei 12, Iași 700293