If you are a refugee



A web support and information platform covering everything an asylum seeker needs to know when entering Romania. Dopomoha is available in Ukrainian, Romanian, English and Russian. It is updated regularly with information from government authorities and key civil society groups.

Jobs 4 Ukraine


A platform facilitating job offers for Ukrainians interested in a longer stay in Romania.



Romanian aggregator website created to facilitate a rapid response to all the needs of Ukrainian refugees and border volunteers. Many resources from various areas are mapped on this website, from shelter to food, transport, medicines, child care, pet care, translation, or other services. The platform is available in English, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, and Slovak, offering valuable information for both beneficiaries and people who can provide help.

National Government Information


The platform created by the national government offers valuable information for the refugees, such as the documents required to enter Romania, steps to obtain asylum here, or medical services.



The UN Refugee Agency in Romania

UNHCR Services Advisor


Online platform which allows to see what services are available in the vicinity in a variety of languages (Ukranian, Russian, Romanian, English and Arabic) and some useful information about these services (opening hours, documents required, if previous appointments are needed, etc.)

Romanian Border Information


Information on waiting times for all Romanian border points

If you want to help

United for Ukraine Facebook Group


The largest Romanian Facebook community that centralizes all information on accommodation, volunteering or general resources needed by refugees. Those who want to help can also fill out the form created by Vlad Gherghe, available here.

United for Ukraine Facebook Group – IAȘI 


Register as a Volunteer with CIVICA 

CIVICA is a local NGO from Iași founded in 2014 focused on encouraging citizens to have a more active role in the community. If you want to become a volunteer in Iași, you can register in CIVICA’s online call for volunteers document: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlCxqrQOODSQoCnDzzH-c3J8KrUN6otpoT1umh6lYSrKN9Ng/viewform

Global Shapers Community How To Help Ukraine Guide

If you are a foreigner this is a reliable review on how to support Ukraine’s efforts for resistance from donations, humanitarian help, hosting people, influencing your authorities and signing petitions. It is developed by fellow peers from the Global Shapers Community Lviv and Kyiv Hubs 


Redirecting 3.5% of income taxes towards a local NGO 

By filling out the Declaration 230, which can be downloaded from here, any employee can donate 3.5% of their income towards NGOs. The deadline for submission is 25th of May, 2022.

The file can be submitted directly at ANAF local offices or via their virtual platform (available here) or directly towards the NGO you want to sponsor.

Support an NGO

Those who want to make donations can also do it at the following NGOs: 

Romanian Red Cross


Ukrainian Red Cross


Unicef România


Salvați Copiii România


Iași Emergency Fund with Iași Community Foundation


Fundația Nord 2001


NGO based in Suceava, actively working with Cernăuți city in sending relief support materials to be directed towards Ukraine

Other resources



A set of useful maps, lists, support groups, help initiatives, or fundraising campaigns. 



A list of organizations where you can donate funds, medical supplies or sign up as a volunteer. 



Useful Telephone Numbers for people crossing the border to Romania

(+4) 021.9590 – Romanian Border Police

(+4) 021.410.75.13 – General Inspectorate for Immigration

112 – Emergency Service

119 – Number for emergencies related to children (including for children without families)