Public transport in Iași

Where and how to buy public transport tickets in Iași

The costs for the most common public transport tickets are:

1) ticket available for 120 minutes for 1 zone – 3.00 RON
2) ticket available for 120 minutes for 2 zones – 4.00 RON
3) transport subscription for 1 day (24 hours) for Zone 1 – 12.00 RON
4) transport subscription for 1 month (30 days) for Zone 1 – 110.00 RON

Check all available prices for the public transport in Iași.

Check all public transport zones from Iași.

To easily navigate the public transport in Iași, consider using Tranzy, our partners and friends. The local mobile app helps you to choose the proper vehicle according to your destination, tells you which is the closest bus station to you and when you can catch the next transport available. Tranzy is available in Ukrainian, Romanian and English.

Download Tranzy for Apple or Android.

POS inside the vehicle

Each public transport has a special blue (or yellow) contactless terminal where you can pay to get a ticket while travelling. Here is how they look like.

How to use the POS:

1) Select the desired tariff.
By default the terminal displays the regular ticket of 3.00 RON which corresponds to a ticket for 120 minutes available for Zone 1. To confirm this selection press the top-left button. To choose another option press the top-right button.

2) Start payment.
After you confirm the selection, hold the card up to the contactless payment sign.

3) Transaction confirmation.
A beep and 4 LEDs light up to indicate a successful transaction.

4) Transaction approval.
Wait for the paper receipt. This is the only proof that you have an available ticket. Keep the receipt for the entire validity period.

After completing the transaction (step 4), if the terminal screen is red, the transaction has not been approved. Please use another payment method.

24pay app

With 24pay you can buy tickets for any public transport in Iași (tram or bus). The available languages for the application are English and Romanian.

Download 24pay from GooglePlay, AppStore or AppGallery.

Before buying your electronic ticket, make sure that you added your card in Settings -> Payment Details.

How to buy a ticket:

1) Select “Public transport” > Iași

2) Select “Buy ticket” > Iași

3) Select the desired ticket. If you want to buy the regular ticket, with 120 minutes availability, click Buy Full Price Ticket.

With 24Pay you can buy both tickets and long term transport subscriptions.

4) Select the payment method (card or SMS). 

If the ticket controller asks for your ticket, go to the Wallet in 24pay and open the available ticket.

EPIN ticket machine

Close to some bus stations, you can find EPIN ticket machines, where you can buy paper tickets with cash. This is how they look like.

How to buy a ticket:

1) Press the appropriate button to pick your ticket. Press one of the green buttons labeled CTP (the Public Transport Company in Iași). You have multiple options: 1, 3 or 5 tickets; subscriptions for 1, 7 or 30 days. There are tickets for 1 zone (1 zonă) and 2 zones (2 zone). Check the public transport zones in Iași.

2) Insert the cash (only RON) in the special slot.

3) Get your tickets and the change (if the case) from the covered slot below.

Ticket kiosks

You can buy paper tickets and transport subscriptions from the special kiosks as well. The ticket kiosks are named CTP – Bilete Abonamente and they look like this

The paper ticket is valid only for 1 trip and only in the transport where it was composted.

If you buy a set of tickets (30 paper tickets), keep the stub – you must have it with you during the trip.

Upon entering, inside the vehicle, all paper tickets must be composted. To compost, insert the ticket in the special slot from the yellow boxes inside the vehicle (usually the boxes are attached to one of the vertical poles). 

If you need to purchase a transport subscription, you will need a passport and a small photo.

Take into consideration that some kiosk sellers may not not speak any international language so prepare your Romanian skills.

Also, most of these CTP ticket kiosks are usually closed, so we encourage you to choose one of the other methods above to purchase your ticket.

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