School enrolment in Iași

Starting from June 2023, one of the conditions to receive the financial support from the Romanian Government is to have your children enrolled in school in Romania. 

In this article you will find valuable information regarding the process of enrolment in the Romanian schools or in the especially created Ukrainian educational initiatives.

Enrol your kids in the available Ukrainian schools from Iași

Through the efforts of some NGOs in Iasi, several educational projects were created for Ukrainian children: kindergartens, school classes according to the Ukrainian program, after-school activities. You can choose one of these projects if you want your child to continue studying according to the Ukrainian program.

Multi-service centre for children and teenagers (with UNICEF)

Available courses: 

  • I – XI classes according to the Ukrainian curriculum and with Ukrainian teachers 
  • Kindergarten (for kids from 3 years old) 
  • Special support groups for pupils who continue the online classes from the Ukrainian school

Additional information:

  • Schedule: 9:00 – 15:00, Monday – Friday
  • preparation for school (professional educators)
  • extra Romanian and English language courses
  • soft integration into the Romanian education system through common creative and sports lessons (the Center cooperates with the School Inspectorate and Romanian schools of the city)
  • creative workshops


Phone: +40 753 459 570 (only Telegram)
Address: Grup școlar Ștefan Procopiu
Telegram group:

Educational projects for Ukrainian kids by CTR Nicolina

“Children’s room” 

Available courses: Kindergarten (for kids from 2 to 6 years old)

Additional information:

  • Schedule: 9.00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday
  • Lunch is provided
  • Cognitive and emotional development program 
  • Romanian and English language classes
  • Didactic activities according to age
  • Education for independent living
  • Exercises to stimulate creativity, motor skills, aesthetic and artistic senses
  • For enrolment, Temporary Protection is requires; parents have to be employed or looking for a job
After School program

Available courses: For pupils aged between 8-12 years

Additional information:

  • Schedule: 4 hours/day
  • Romanian language courses, science workshops, hand-made and sports activities


Phone: +40 724 700 087
Address: Șoseaua Nicolina, nr. 141, Nicolina Center for Humanitarian and Social Assistance to Refugees
Telegram group:

Educational project of Save the Children

Available courses: Afterschool for pupils aged from 10-11 to 14-15 years old

Additional information:

  • Program includes help with homework, knowledge restoration, informal play activities
  • Romanian language courses
  • Schedule: from Monday to Friday, 13.00 – 17.00
  • The number of places is limited (15 people), and the group will be filled in the order of registration


Phone: +40755208788
Address: Strada Iarmaroc 44, Iași

For enrolment, please visit the Consultation and Information Center at Vasile Pogor, 6, Iași

Telegram group:

Educational project of Asociația Toți pentru Unul

Available courses: for kids from 3 to 16 years old (every week the activities are for a specific range of ages)

Additional information: 

  • Schedule: ​​ Activities for kids: every Saturday, from 18:00 to 20:00
  • Trips : twice a month
  • Business workshops


Enrolment on WhatsApp number : 0757497197 

Address: Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu nr.25 ( Iasi)
Facebook page: ​​
WhatsApp Group: 

Socio-educational center for primary school refugee children of Asociația Centrul Diecezan Caritas

Available courses: for primary school children

Additional information: 

  • Schedule and activities:
  1. for a period July-August 2023: 08.30-16.00
  • Romanian language courses;
  • Socializing and recreational activities;
  • Development of artistic skills;
  • Sports-recreational activities;
  • Preparatory activities for school;
  • Activities aimed at the effective adaptation and integration of children.

     2.  for a period September-December 2023: 12.00-16.00

  • Romanian language courses;
  • Socializing and recreational activities;
  • Development of artistic skills;
  • Sports-recreational activities;
  • Homework activities;
  • Activities aimed at the effective adaptation and integration of children.


For enrolment, please contact Yulianna Yasenchuk +380 63 280 0909

Huzum Radu (refugee project coordinator): +40 742 622 699

Address: Aleea Oltea Doamna, nr. 3 Iași


Facebook page: 

Romanian schools in Iași: how to enrol

Please find below the instructions on how to enrol your kid into Romanian school, taking as a reference the order of the Ministry of Education no. 3363 of 10.03.2022.

The enrolment can be done at any time during the school year.

The documents should be submitted at the office of the School Inspectorate (Inspectoratul Școlar Județean dinn Iași).

School Inspectorate contacts:

Address: Strada Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 26, Iași 700117
Phone: 0232 268 014 or 0232 268 015 or 0232 268 019

If you do not speak Romanian, consider taking a Romanian speaking person with you or call us in order to help with translation. 

Enrolment process

At the School Inspectorate, you will be asked to fill in a special application form. This application form exists in three languages – Ukrainian, Romanian and English. Only the application in Romanian is registered at the Inspectorate. If you complete the application in Ukrainian or English, you will be instructed by an authorised person, at the office of the Inspectorate, to identically complete an application in Romanian, using the already written form. 

Please check the application form in Romanian, Ukrainian and English.

You will have to select an option for the status that the child will have in school:

  1. Audient, at the level of study/groups/classes (to be completed with the year of study) – means that the pupil will listen and be present in class at the lectures and will be registered in school catalogs, but does not pass tests and doesn’t get grades. The child can receive grades only if he is officially registered as a pupil (elev)  in the Romanian educational system and follows the procedure for equating the studies done in Ukraine. 
  2. Extracurricular activities, without obtaining the quality of audience – involves participation in any activity outside the school, such as sports clubs, painting, drawing, dancing, depending on what the school has. The pupil will not be registered in the provisional catalogs.
  3. Psycho-pedagogical assistance and counselling activities – means guidance, moral and psychological support and self-knowledge activities, depending on the human resource of the schools in the county.

Below, the parent can opt for the accommodation of the pupil, the provision of food, transport or schooling in the hospital for the child. The Inspectorate will try to match the needs of the family with the facilities of the schools in the county.

If a family believes that they need to enrol their kid in a boarding school (​​școală cu internat), the Inspectorate will try to assign them. If a family wants the pupil to eat at school, the inspectorate will try to find a school where there is a canteen or, through various volunteer associations, a meal is provided there for that child.

In the last spaces of the document, you will have to fill in a home address, e-mail and a phone number through which you will keep in touch with the school authorities.

Other necessary documents:

  • child’s birth certificate
  • child’s ID-card or international passport (if available)
  • Passport of ID-card of the parent
  • Temporary protection document
  • (optional) official school diplomas, report cards or other documents that you have at hand about the schooling done in Ukraine up to present time.

Shortly after submitting your application, the school inspectorate will select a suitable school for you (public or private, according to your preferences). Education in public schools is free. You will receive an email from the Inspectorate with information about which school your child is enrolled in. You will then need to go to that school to confirm your enrolment.

You can also join a dedicated Telegram group “Ukrainian children in a Romanian School (Iasi)” – there you can ask questions and receive up-to-date information and help: 

If you need support in school enrolment or feel that you can improve this piece of information, please contact us.

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