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Things to know about employment in Romania

Before getting employed in Romania, it is important to know your rights and obligations and to understand the principles of the Romanian labour market.

Working age

According to the Labor Code, the individual is allowed to work starting with the age of 16 years. With the consent of parents or legal representatives, young people who have reached the age of 15, can also sign an employment contract, according to the law. Employment in difficult, harmful or dangerous jobs can be done only after the age of 18.

Rights and obligations in labour relations

Employees are mainly entitled to: salary for the work done, daily and weekly rest, annual holiday, equal opportunities and treatment, dignity at work, health and safety at work, access to vocational training, information and consultation, protection in case of lay off, collective and individual negotiations, participation in collective actions, to set up or join a trade union (only for those who have a long-term residence permit), other rights provided by law or applicable collective labor agreements.

The rights and obligations regarding the employment relations between the employer and the employee are set, through negotiations, in the collective and individual employment contracts. The individual employment contract is concluded on the basis of the agreement of the parties (employer and employee), in written form, in Romanian. The obligation to conclude the individual employment contract in written form rests with the employer. The individual employment contract is concluded in two copies, one for you, one for the employer. Before signing the contract, you must carefully read the terms written in the contract.

Important! Work without legal forms (“black labour market’’) involves many risks: the employer may pay you a lower salary than the legal minimum on economy; there is no set payment date; there is no set work schedule in accordance with legal regulations; you do not have work and protection equipment; you are not entitled to annual holiday; you do not benefit from pensions, unemployment, benefits, free medical assistance, if needed.

You can complain about non-legal work by calling the green number 0800 868 622 (a tool-free calling line provided by the Labor Inspectorate), or at Territorial Labour Inspectorates.


Starting January 2023, the Romanian Government has increased the country’s gross minimum wage at 3.000 RON monthly (1.898 lei net salary), for a full-time work schedule.

According to National Institute of Statistics, in March 2022 the average net earning was 3.937 RON, the biggest net average earnings being registered in computer programming, consultancy and related activities, information service activities (9.968 RON/ approx. 1995 EUR), insurance, reinsurance and pension funding (9.597 RON/ aprox. 1920 EUR), whereas the lowest net average earnings have been registered in accommodation and food service activities (2.079 RON/ aprox. 416 EUR) and in manufacture of wearing apparel (2.169 RON/ aprox. 433 EUR).

Working and resting time

The normal length of full-time work is 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. The maximum working time cannot exceed 48 hours per week, including overtime. For young people aged up to 18 years, working time is 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week.

Work done outside the normal working time shall be considered overtime, that cannot be done without the employee’s consent, except in cases of force majeure or for urgent works. Additional work shall be compensated either by free hours paid within the next 60 calendar days after being carried out, or by granting a benefit.

Work carried out between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am is considered night work.

The annual holiday is guaranteed to all employees, the minimum duration of the annual leave being 20 working days. In addition to the 20 days, additional paid leave is granted to disabled workers (3 days), blind workers (6 days) and employees who work under special conditions (minimum 3 days per year). For this period, the employee is entitled to a holiday allowance, which cannot be less than the base salary, permanent allowances and bonuses due for the respective period, as stipulated in the individual employment contract.

Employees are entitled to special paid leave for special events in the family (marriage, child birth, death of spouse/child/parents/grandparent) and other events (blood donation, changing job relocating to another locality).

Study leave

Employees are entitled to benefit, upon request, of paid or unpaid leave for vocational training.

Sick leave

When necessary, employees are entitled to sick leave and sickness insurance benefits (sick leave and allowances for temporary work incapacity, for disease prevention and recovery, etc).

Unpaid leave

For solving personal situations, employees are entitled to unpaid leave.

Working contract model

Check the standard working contract in Ukrainian and Romanian. Employers have the right to edit this standard model based on their specific conditions.

Read more about the conditions of working in Romania and about the free services offered to Ukrainian citizens for integration into the Romanian labour market.

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Part-time job legislation

The new employment legislation from 01.01.2023 specifies that if an employer hires a person for a part time job, it is the only job that person has, and the salary is under 3000 RON/month, the employer should pay the same taxes as for a full time job with a salary of 3000 RON/month.